30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 19

Day 19 – Your favourite action movie

While I enjoy an action movie, it’s not my preferred genre. I can not stand Schwarzenegger, Stallone or Van Damme, or even worse Steven Seagal! So while I have seen an occasional movie with them, I really do not like them and have given up watching any more. I have seen one Die Hard movie and that was enough, I don’t care for the Fast and Furious movies or the Transformer movies or Dirty Harry…I do think that Misson Impossible (and Tom Cruise) is alright and I like to see James Bond or the Jason Bourne movies but feel no need to see those more than once and don’t mind if I miss them. They’re fun for a night out but not my favourite.

I am more of a fantasy/historical themed action movie kinda girl. I really liked the Russel Crowe & Cate Blanchett Robin Hood for instance, or Gladiator or Braveheart or the old 1960’s Spartacus movie. I like the three The Matrix movies with Keanu Reeves and speaking of Keanu, I also liked Speed. The Indiana Jones movies (except for the last one) are fun, I also quite enjoy the X-men movies and many of the Marvel movies (I think Robert Downey jr. is brilliant as Iron Man, for instance).

So, mulling all this over and going through these movies in my mind, I think my favourite action movie would be the first Thor movie from 2010, directed by Kenneth Branagh!

I hadn’t planned on seeing it, only watched it on DVD way after it’s release when I didn’t have anything better to do and to my surprise instantly loved it as opposed to expecting to only sorta like it. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman are great and work well together and it brought us Tom Hiddleston who is absolute genius as Loki (although I had already noticed Hiddleston before that in the BBC’s Return to Cranford)!  To celebrate Loki, watch this really fun video about him and his love for books! I can sympathize with the sentiment… 😉

Oh, and to the Blindspot lovers out there, it also stars Jaimie Alexander as the warrior lady Sif. Yep, I love Thor.

Another really good action movie I also want to mention is The Adjustment Bureau from 2011 with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt (so excellent in their roles!). Again this is a movie I had missed in the cinema but later saw on DVD.

It’s about a politician and a ballerina who fall in love but are being kept apart by mysterious men with hats that control the destinies of people and have decided these two should not be together. Right up till the very end it all seems hopeless for them… romance and good action go together well! Like Thor this is one of the few action movies I have seen more than once and one that I really really like!

So, what’s my ultimate choice for this category? You know what? I don’t know and I will not pick one movie over the other! So, for once, it will have to be two movies that answer this challenge question. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 19

  1. Did anyone say Blindspot??? Sorry, this is a real trigger for me at the moment 😀
    I love Hilldes as Loki but I must say, I liked the second Thor movie more than the first one

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  2. Oh yes, you´re right, Jaimie Alexander appears in the clip! I like the Thor movies very much but I can hardly remember the Adjustment bureau 🙂 but I love Emily Blunt, she´s a enchanting actor!

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  3. I’ve not seen The Adjustment Bureau–must check that out. But yes, as silly superhero movies go, Thor had certain attractions the others lack 🙂
    I will watch a Bond film more than once, but usually not other action movies.

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  4. I immediately thought, “the second Indiana Jones movie.” However, I probably should have said, “the Desolation of Smaug.”


  5. I really liked The Adjustment Bureau. I haven’t watched Thor but maybe I’ll give it a go. Action is not my preferred genre either.

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