30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 16

Day 16 – A movie that just has to be seen in the cinema

Some movies are admittedly more visually breathtaking than others but I love watching all movies on a big screen and in the cinema! I love being transported into a movie and seeing it on a big screen in a darkened room always helps with becoming a small part of that dream world, be it realistic or fantasy. So, I recommend that any good movie be watched in the cinema (and hopefully with an engaged and not disruptive audience around you)! There is one movie, however, that I think visually most took my breath away at the time when I saw it in 3D in the cinema and that was Avatar.

Just so beautiful, the world of Pandora was simply breathtaking! Despite the criticism the story has received, I really liked it as a story too. It’s become my son’s favourite movie (but he has only ever seen it on our TV screen) and I’m already looking forward to seeing the sequels they are now working on. My son is already excited, the first one should be released in December 2017!

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7 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 16

  1. Avatar – dieser Film hat völlig neue Maßstäbe gesetzt. Ich habe ihn auch nicht auf DVD aber -überleg-mindestens 3 oder 4mal im Kino gesehen. Jedes Mal liefen mir die Tränen wenn sie den Lebensbaum zusammenschiessen. Ein grandioser Film, auf einem kleinen Bildschirm fast ein Sakrileg ❤
    Mich hat die story immer an "der mit dem Wolf tanzt" auf einem anderen Planeten erinnert 🙂

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  2. I’ve not seen this one, but I need to!

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  3. Have not seen this one, but I heard so many horrible things about it that I confess it’s not on my list.


  4. You’re right: on big screen and …in 3d (even if I’m not a big fan of 3d).

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