30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 13

Day 13 – A guilty pleasure

When I was a teenager I loved Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman and Italo-Pop but none of my friends did. So, watching their movies and listening to that music were my guilty (secret) pleasures. Nowadays I don’t care what anyone says anymore to what I like or don’t like. I like what I like, take it or leave it. So, I don’t think I really have a guilty pleasure when it comes to movies as I don’t feel guilty anymore about what I like… Except maybe the extent to which I indulge myself… I’ll illustrate with The Sound of Music.

There are certain camp or kitschy movies that I really love watching (and nowadays refuse to be apologetic about) like kitschy fairy tale musicals, Mamma Mia, I used to like watching the old German Sissi movies with Romy Schneider and I used to and still love watching The Sound of Music.

Now, I know a lot of people love this movie as well but I have watched it so many times, I think I can speak along with most of the dialogue! I know exactly what happens when, I can sing all the songs, I know the names of all the kids and still I love going back to it. And the worst part? I even went to a The Sound of Music movie sing-along once, where you sing along with the songs and react with the whole audience to whatever is happening on the screen! I used to organise movie nights for co-workers at my old job and was able to convince about 4 or 5 people to come along with me. We ‘dressed up’ in Austrian hunter’s hats and joined in with the singing, cheering Maria on, hissing at the baroness, saying “amen” every time we saw a nun on the screen, cheering when the captain and Maria kissed, etc. etc. And you know what? I so would do this again and am constantly on the look out to discover when a possible next sing-along will be! While everyone enjoyed themselves, I REALLY enjoyed myself…

So, my guilty pleasure? I tend to over-indulge in movies I love and actors I love and I never get enough. I can spend hours and hours on this when to someone else it can seem like a waste of time. I can completely lose myself in these stories and these people, seemingly forever. Over-indulging is my drug of choice, and yes, I sometimes feel guilty for not being able to tear myself away. Then again, I tell myself it beats drinking too much vodka or smoking, er, whatever…

 (30 Day Movie Challenge – the full list of questions)

4 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 13

  1. It can’t be a waste of time when you enjoy something that much. This is the one film I know where shameless sentimentality triumphs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But…I can’t watch it without crying!

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  2. Ganz ehrlich? Ich glaube ich habe den FIlm noch nie gesehen. Dann werde ich doch gleichmal Recherchen einleiten um zu sehen ob youtube ihn hat oder ich ihn über amazon schauen kann 🙂

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