30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 – A movie that you like by a director that you do not usually enjoy

Yesterday’s challenge question was about a director I like, today’s question is about a director I do not like.

Well, one director I am prejudiced against is Quentin Tarantino. His movies are just too violent and bloody and off-the-wall for me. Of course, I was thinking that without ever really fully watching a whole Tarantino movie (hence the me being prejudiced part). Then I went to see Inglorious Basterds in the cinema. I can’t remember why I even decided to go see it, but I think it was because my friend wanted to, so I humored her. Basically the movie was about Jews kicking Nazi-ass…

It was bloody and cruel, there was suspense, high stakes and even some humour and almost to my horror, I loved the movie! I loved it, even though at some points it was so gruesome that I could hardly look at the screen. I even went to see it again in the cinema a few weeks later and when the DVD came out, I immediately bought it and watched it again. I don’t really know what it was that clicked with me and made me love this gore-fest. I think it has a lot to do with a huge amount of wish-fulfillment… Of course there were also some great actors doing some great acting! I discovered Michael Fassbender through this movie, and Christoph Waltz. But mostly, I think it was a movie that appealed to my hidden basic revenge fantasies that I didn’t even know I had… Apparently, deep within my pacifist soul, there is also a militantly agressive tendency…

An ex-co worker said that if I loved this movie so much then I would love the Kill Bill movies as well, so I thought, “sure, why not?”. I watched the first one but I couldn’t get through it and ended up fast forwarding most of it. Apparently my agressive/revengeful tendencies don’t reach that far. I never bothered with the second Kill Bill. So, that showed me that no, I didn’t have a new found love for Quentin Tarantino, I just love his Inglorious Basterds. And now I’m still debating with myself whether I should watch his Django Unchained movie or not… would it have that same wish-fulfillment element (regarding slavery) for me?

(30 Day Movie Challenge – the full list of questions)

13 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 12

  1. Oh ja, an Quentin Tarantino scheiden sich die Geister. Ich habe keinen im Kino gesehen weil ich Angst hatte, es wird mir zu blutig. Auf dem Fernseherbildschirm kann ich es irgendwie filtern und fand die FIlme dann gar nicht so schlimm. Man darf nicht den Fehler machen und die Blutorgien ernst nehmen sondern muss es (gedanklich) ins lächerliche ziehen und dann wird es schon fast schwarzer Humor für mich 🙂 ich glaube so ist es auch von ihm gedacht. Qualitativ super gemacht aber seine Filme muss ich nicht unbedingt mehrmals gesehen haben…..

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    1. Ja, Du has recht mit dem schwarzen Humor. Ich glaube auch, dass Tarantino das auch mal so gesagt hat. Aber trotzdem kann ich es nur bij “Inglorious Basterds” ertragen und nicht bei andere Tarantino Filme…

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    1. This one is totally bloody and I found it hard to watch sometimes (there’s even scalping in there which makes my blood curdle) and yet… I have seen this movie multiple times and would do so again (to my own amazement, and yes, even horror!)


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