30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – A movie you hate

This is a very tough one. I do see movies that disappoint or I end up not liking but they leave my consciousness pretty quickly and I think nothing more of them. I don’t think I have a movie that I actually hate. I mean, I imagine I’d hate old Nazi propaganda movies like Jud Süss but I have not seen those movies, never want to even if I knew where to find them, so I can’t say much about those. I do, however, have a film genre that I dislike and that is the horror movie genre!

I have seen a few horror movies in the company of others and I could only watch them partially. I hide behind my hands or take many bathroom trips, I just can not stand that horrific build-up and those horrific images. I have seen parts of Poltergeist or Nightmare on Elm Street or The Exorcist or Carrie that way but that was years and years ago. I have never managed to watch films like The Shining or The Blair Witch Project, no matter how highly praised they are. I just don’t get the high some people seen to get out of being terrified, even if it is only from a safe seat in front of a screen. It’s probably why I don’t enjoy rollercoasters either, they terrify me more than that the speed can excite me… However, although I absolutely dislike the horror genre, there is one horror movie that I can bear watching, but you’ll have to wait for day 22 of this challenge to find out what that is.

I find the word ‘hate’ very strong, but yes, I do dislike horror and there is one horror movie I would like to single out that gives me the absolute heebie jeebies. That movie is 1979’s Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski. I don’t even dare find a trailer for it on YouTube, this movie poster is about all I can bear:


I have only ever seen the beginning of this movie and it freaked me out so very much, no power on earth can make me watch it in any part ever again. I first saw a part of it with my older siblings when I was in my early teens and just left the room after 30 minutes (or sooner, can’t quite remember). I figured later that it must have just freaked me out because I was so young, so I tried watching it again in my late teens/early twenties and even then I could not bear it. My heart froze in terror and no telling myself “come on, don’t be such a chicken, this is only a movie!” could make we watch it any further. I had to switch it off very quickly and I have banned any more detailed memory of it from my brain. The impression that is still with me strongest, however, is the sight of Klaus Kinski with that white creepy face that freaked me out. It wasn’t just the face, it was the way he prowled and was absolutely menacing in his manner, which probably means he did a great acting job. Seeing an image of him as the vampire is enough to still give me the shivers, so I guess this movie must be the movie that I dislike, or rather: fear, most!

(30 Day Movie Challenge – the full list of questions)


6 thoughts on “30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 2

  1. I couldn’t chose one but I’m with you on disliking the horror genre. I’m so happy you are taking part in the movie challenge and look forward to reading more 🙂

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  2. Agree the genre. This is kind of a hard question, though. I guess I would have answered it with something like, a film I watched all the way through and wish I hadn’t. Apocalypse Now would be on the list …

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    • I’ve never seen that one. And yeah, I agree on it being about watching a film and regretting it but I really couldn’t think of one! I mean yeah, there are films I have disliked but I tend to never feel so strongly about that, just drop it and move on… For instance, a few years back I saw “Pacific Rim” in the cinema with two ex-coworkers in IMAX 3D and all. I already suspected the movie would not really be for me but I tried anyway because I do quite like Idris Elba and they were fun people to go to a movie with. In the end I was right, I didn’t like it at all, but did I hate it? Nope, not really… So, I picked horror instead. 🙂


      • I have had to watch a lot of films for academic reasons, so even if I don’t enjoy the film I end up having to be more occupied with it and I think, if you’re forced to think about something extensively that you don’t enjoy (on some level), hate can be the result. (Like, I’ve seen a lot of Nazi propaganda, too, and I don’t really “like” it but some of it’s historically and intellectually interesting. So I wouldn’t say I “hate” Jüd Suß either. )

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  3. […] the horror/zombie/gruesome movie genre is not for me! I have enjoyed an occasional gruesome movie, like Inglorious Basterds and I have even liked the […]


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