I’m living in a bit of a weird world of late and it’s this one…

First off: Armitage world

Of course there is always all things Armitage to enjoy, with most recently the Urban & The Shed Crew premiere in Leeds with beautiful reports and updates from the fans. We have Hariclea’s great review of the film or Guylty’s lovely reports here and here with many gorgeous pictures and there are lots of other goodies I can’t even remember the sources of anymore! Thank you to everyone for sharing! For now I will pick this picture Guylty took as my favourite picture from this past weekend, but that preference may well change within the next 15 minutes…

RA Urban premiere Leeds15

But there is more to enjoy besides Armitage. I know, GASP! But it’s true.

Blindspot world

A little while back in the comments section of one of Herba’s posts she mentioned a new TV series called Blindspot. I’d seen a few images here and there and had thought of checking it out but never got around to it – until Herba mentioned it and I decided to give it a go. I watched one episode and bam, I’m hooked! Yes, it’s quite violent and in my dizzy state the quick camera movements are sometimes a bit tricky to follow but I really like this show! Here’s the trailer you can see for yourself:

Jaimie Alexander

Sullivan Stapleton

Jane Doe is so very beautiful (I already knew the actress Jaimie Alexander from the Thor films in which she plays Sif) and very intense. Her eyes… anyone could just drown in her eyes… Great acting from her! I didn’t know Sullivan Stapleton who plays the male lead but apparently he played a lead role in the Strike Back series after Richard Armitage left it!  But there are also some very strong supporting roles. I especially love Ashley Johnson (she once played Mel Gibson’s daughter in What Women Want) who plays tech nerd Patterson and Ashley JohnsonMarianne Jean-Baptiste (of Secrets and Lies fame) who plays the FBI Marianne Jean-BaptisteAssistant Director. And there’s a The Mentalist link too! Michael Gaston, who was a very dubious recurring character on The Mentalist plays another dubious role here, as a CIA Deputy Director. Plus the music for Blindspot  is written by Blake Neely who also wrote The Mentalist‘s music!

So, thanks for the heads-up, Herba! I’m with you on liking this!

Whoopi world

And finally – I don’t remember what prompted me to do so, but over the weekend I watched the 1980s spy movie Jumpin’ Jack Flash  with Whoopi Goldberg again. It’s a Whoopi at the beginning of her career (I think her second role after The Color Purple) and I find her irresitible in it! I haven’t seen the film in many years and guess what? I still like it! Story is a little unlikely and there are some plot holes but I don’t care. Also fun seeing the early computer world of the mid 1980s in this film. That in turn reminds me of  War Games which I really should watch again as well! But I digress… I just love Whoopi in Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

From IMDB: “Terry works for a bank, and uses computers to communicate with clients all over the world. One day she gets a coded message from an unknown source. After decoding the message, Terry becomes embroiled in an espionage ring. People are killed, and Terry is chased. Throughout she remains in contact with this unknown person, who needs Terry to help save his life.”

Here, watch her trying to figure out the lyrics to the Rolling Stones song. Makes me smile every time!

Yeah, I know, I need to get out more but that’s a little tough right now… 🙂

12 thoughts on “Armitage-Blindspot-Whoopi-World

  1. That is actually a really nice pic of RA, if I may say so myself, and actually one of the first I took that day.
    Oh, and a recommendation. Must have a look at Blindspot. I am on the lookout for another series I can bingewatch with Mr Guylty.

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  2. We’re watching Blindspot, too, and enjoying it, despite it getting ever more convoluted. As long as you’re willing to suspend disbelief on a regular basis… LOL. I was especially chuffed when, in episode 6, François Arnaud appeared (he played Cesare Borgia on The Borgias which I recently glommed and I found myself increasingly attracted to him!) Don’t know how many episodes he’ll be in, but he’s a mysterious figure from Jane’s past. =)

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  3. Blindspot hört sich total spannend an, kann mich gar nicht erinnern das bei Herba gelesen zu haben. Bei uns läuft es leider noch nicht. Über welchen Sender kannst Du es sehen? Dann kann ich mal suchen …… oder muss warten 😦

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  4. Thanks for the tip on Blindspot ( and to Herba, too). I took up your recommendation last night and binge watched the first five episodes. Hope to finish it off some time later this evening. I like the format, and it certainly does keep one guessing, despite the need to suspend disbelief – but so often this is the case. And I’m also a big fan of Marianne Jean-Baptiste, slthough her role seems very similar in this toher role in – oops, forgot the name of the show with Anthony LaPaglia.

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  5. That’s indeed a great pic! ❤
    Oh I'm glad you like Blindspot!!! Isn't Jaimie Alexander beautiful?! And I really like the chemistry between her and Sullivan Stapleton.
    Jumpin Jack Flash is always a treat. I doN#t know how often I have seen this movie but I still laugh out loud when Terry visits the British embassy ball and her Dress gets into the shredding machine – priceless 😀


  6. Yes, that scene at the Embassy is priceless! Also I like the way she crashes the Embassy party. Or when she has that truth serum and walks around telling the people the truth about themselves… so funny! I also like her talking to the computer when she’s communicating with Jack or when she’s waiting for him to come online and pretends to be Stevie Wonder “I want me a Jack… bum bum bum bum… I want him come back… bum bum bum bum” Just a really fun movie. 🙂
    Jaimie Alexander is indeed extremely beautiful, Do you watch it in English? Because her voice has a slight roughness to it which I also love. And yes, great chemistry with Stapleton, some heart stopping looks exchanged between them…


    1. The Stevie Wonder imitation is hilarious *giggle*
      Yes, I watch it in English. I think at that early state of the series is no dubbed version available and I try and watch as much in English as I can manage anyway.
      Her voice is really great and perfect for her portait of Jane of at least I think so 🙂 I can’t wait if the writers of the show will go the relationship road with Jane and Kurt or if they leave it where it is now


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