I’ve been feeling like this today…

RA gif2

.. wishing things my younger sister says and does didn’t bother me so. Plus, I’m paying the price for doing too much yesterday. I was away almost all day for fun stuff (in spite of my sister) but clearly my inner ear viral infection (my current working diagnosis of what’s ailing me) wasn’t too happy with that and I feel… well… like the GIF featured above.

I came online today to see what’s happening with the Urban & the Shed Crew premiere at the Leeds Film Festival and was greeted by this lovely tweet of Richard’s…

Brightens up my day considerably! I love the delight and excitement this picture exudes!

I also came across this picture from yesterday evening which somehow fascinates me: Richard paying attention to what is being said before he goes on to promote the film.

 RA Urban premiere Leeds

Thanks for making a dreary day just a little less dreary, Richard!

6 thoughts on “Armitage-pick-me-up

    1. Thanks! As bad as I feel today, however, I think I feel even worse because of the stuff my sister spouted yesterday… ugh… This too shall pass and Richard can help a bit with that. 🙂

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  1. Oh man – I have a younger sister like that too…she vexes my spirit often! ((Hugs))

    I hope the spinning clears up soon…it is not a fun thing to live with. Here’s to regular doses of Armitage theRApy!!


    1. Thanks!
      Today, in addition to the extra spinning, the ears are ringing louder and there’s a headache to go with it…
      As for my sister… I have battled her so often in the past, I don’t have the energy to engage anymore and yet I would love to… well, maybe I shouldn’t say.
      Yes, Armitage theRApy is the way to go for sure!

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