The Gilmore Girls may be back!

Ooh, news I just came across about one of my former favourite TV shows! I used to love watching the Gilmore Girls and never liked how it ended – there was no closure…


But now, it seems, it will be ended correctly! If you’re interested, read this: Gilmore Girls Limited-Series Revival Set at Netflix — This Is Not a Drill

I for one would love to see this!


3 thoughts on “The Gilmore Girls may be back!

  1. Yes, I rarely get hooked on TV series, but that was one I enjoyed!

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  2. I saw this link turn up on my RLFB feed this morning…I love the versatility that Netflix and Hulu productions (along with all the original cable network programming) have brought to the table – new shows and much desired reboots of older programs!

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  3. […] used to love watching Gilmore Girls (which ran from 2000 to 2007) and there has been talk and the consequent filming of a Gilmore Girls revival that will air on Netfix at the end of […]


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