As much as I love Colin Firth…

… I do wonder whether it is a good idea to revisit Bridget Jones,

Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth are filming Bridget Jones 3 right now. I absolutely loved the first Bridget Jones film, the second was alright but not so great and now, years later they are filming a 3rd!

Bridget 1  Bridget 6  Bridget 8

Bridget 4

I have read the 3rd book, in which Darcy has died 5 years earlier and Bridget is a widow with 2 kids trying to navigate single parenthood, social media, and getting back into the dating game. Obviously, that is not what the Bridget Jones 3 film is about, as Colin Firth’s Darcy is still very much alive and Bridget is pregnant (unless these scenes are flashbacks, but I understand the film plot is different from the book plot anyhow)… Hugh Grant isn’t back in for this 3rd film and Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy fame is a new addition to the cast. I wonder whether they have kept Bridget’s friends and parents in this film. I would like that.

Maybe the new film will be OK and I am sure I will go watch it, but there is a doubt niggling there… Bridget 2 was in many ways a rehash of  Bridget 1 – I mean, did they really have to relive the fight between Darcy and Daniel Cleaver? It was brilliant in the first film, it felt like a contrived plot twist in the second. I hope 3 will be better than that and won’t be more of the same experiences in new settings… Fingers crossed!

12 thoughts on “As much as I love Colin Firth…

  1. I don’t know why they’re bothering with this – especially Colin FIrth – but Renee has’t been in anything for while,anyway, not that I can think of. I agree, the second film was far inferior t the first, which was a gas.


  2. Servetus

    I didn’t even see the second one so I can’t imagine I’ll see this. I wish they would realize that we would like some new material occasionally …


  3. I have to say, the pics so far are a bit disappointing. I mean, honestly – who wants to be reminded of their own middle-aged-ness? But well, when it comes to it, I’ll probably watch it – for old times’ sake.


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