Where is my mind…

Last June I went to see the delightful romantic comedy “Man Up”. I now have the film myself and watched it again the other night, and yes, it is still just as delightful as I remembered it to be! This is one that I will keep on rewatching. 🙂

Anyway, in the film, there is a sad sequence where our couple parts and a certain bit of piano music was used that I found very beautiful. Looked it up in the credits and apparently it is a cover of a song by The Pixies (that sounded vaguely familiar but that I didn’t really know) called “Where is my mind”. Here is the piano version used in “Man Up”:

Maxence Cyrin is the uploader of the video and also the one who plays this piece of piano music. Beautiful. Added bonus? This video features Greta Garbo! Ah, a brilliant actress and such a beautiful woman! I have only seen a few films with her and that was a long way back.

I remember seeing her in “Camille”, “Grand Hotel” and “Queen Christina” but the one I remember best (and that I have in my download library) is “Ninotchka” from 1939. From IMDB: “A stern Russian woman sent to Paris on official business finds herself attracted to a man who represents everything she is supposed to detest.”

Here is a clip from the movie that showcases the stern Ninotchka and the flirty Count Leon beautifully:

The movie was publicized with the slogan “Garbo laughs!” as this was the first (romantic) comedy she made (the first time she did a talking movie the headline famously had been “Garbo talks!”). Here’s the classic clip to go with “Garbo laughs”:

The movie still holds up now, 76 years later, and I know this because I watched it again not too long ago.

I love these serendipitous trails that lead me from one lovely thing to the next. Over the years I have discovered many wonderful things this way. 🙂

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