Couples, kittens, babies, thighs… sighs

I have an Instagram account but always forget to check it out. Finally went through some images today, and my goodness, what a joy it was!

Couples: Livia Firth posting a sweet picture of her and her husband Colin on their way to an event…

Colin & Livia

… and Keely Shaye Brosnan posting a picture of her lovely view of Pierce


Kittens: a most adorable picture Ian McKellan posted where he’s holding a kitten.

IanMcKellan kitten

Babies: a picture “The Mentalist’s” Robin Tunney posted of Simon Baker with the caption “Even babies love him.”

SB 'even babies love him'

Thighs: and this appeared on my Instagram, Twitter AND WordPress feeds with lots of sighs re: thighs…

Richard Armitage being interviewed on his David Copperfield audiobook that he just recorded for Audible. And just as I want to hit “Publish” this comes in:

Yes, it’s a lovely Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Couples, kittens, babies, thighs… sighs

  1. oh Ian McKellen and the kitten are the best, how cute!!! that baby is cute too 😉
    i shall not speak further about the thighs! sigh… :-p

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  2. Agree with Hari, the kitten photo slays, even though they’re all fabulous. Thanks for brightening my day! PS: thighs and wrist and hand, oh my…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I saw Ian McKellen with the kitten on instagram ^^ – So cute!

    Liked by 1 person

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