Helping refugees in the Netherlands

The way the Germans have been welcoming the refugees recently is so heartwarming to me. Read Silverbluelining’s German blog on her perspective and on what you can do for refugees in Germany.

The Dutch, alas, seem more lukewarm in their response. Here there has been some negativity on letting in more refugees, like recently when a right wing politician here (I won’t mention his name, he does not deserve the attention!) went to a new to be opened refugee shelter in a town in the north to protest the arrival of any refugees. Dutch politicians are generally careful about welcoming refugees, stating ‘we need to do something about the causes’. This is absolutely true of course, but doesn’t help the people who need to flee their homes now! Luckily there are also many supportive voices and there are also initiatives in the Netherlands to help!


  • And there is also a private intiative where you can offer your house and be a host for a refugee seeking shelter; you can register your willingness to take in a refugee on their website. It is, however, unsure whether this will be a feasible thing to organize (apparently there are also many legal concerns) but the initiators are talking with organizations and (local) authorities to see if this is useful.

I just hope that the euforia you see now about helping people won’t turn into something ugly a year on from now when the sounds of “they are taking away our jobs and houses” and “they are all criminals” start resurfacing. I have been hearing these things for years now, it always makes me sick when all refugees and asylum seekers are thrown into one ugly pot like that…

Anyway, to end on a more positive note: Richard Armitage fans will soon be able to bid on 3 Richard Armitage shrines made by Guylty to help the refugees’ cause! So, in our own way, everyone can do something…

4 thoughts on “Helping refugees in the Netherlands

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  2. Thank you Esther, (Du bist ein Schatz ❤ ) refering to my blogpost! It´s the same in Germany, the politicians tell us ‘we need to do something about the causes’, yes that´s true, but now they are here and need our help in Europe. They should have done this years ago 😦
    And YES everyone can do something ❤

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    1. Exactly. If someone shows up starving on your doorstep there’s no use for that person to discuss why they are starving, they just need to be fed… first things first. Merkel did well seeing that.

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  3. Servetus

    I think in the end the West had to decide whether we were going to oppose Bashir al-Assad and get involved in a regional quagmire without end, with no clear winners or losers, or wait it out. I think waiting it out was the right decision but this is the price for that decision — we’ve gotta rescue these people we couldn’t save in place.

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