I literally just came across this cello duo while flipping through TV channels on this Sunday morning (before I head upstairs to clear out the huge mess that is our small study). I caught the end bit of a concert on German TV, was intrigued, did a quick YouTube search and…. wow! One of their latest is a cover from Hysteria by Muse, my absolute fave band! And boy is it GOOD!

This is a classically trained Croation cello duo and they play covers of rock songs in a spectacular way. Apparently they became known through their cover of “Smooth Criminal”, they have been on Glee and they have also played with Elton John…

And DH is happy too. Besides the fact that he also thinks they sound awesome, he discovered a ‘new’ amphitheatre that he had never heard of before (and he knows a lot about the Romans and the awesome things they built).  I was checking out another Muse cover that 2Cellos did (Resistance and yep, awesome as well) and it was played in the Pula Arena in Croatia that is apparently slightly older than the Colosseum and it looks like it’s very well preserved:

I’d never heard of them before today. I love love love when I make wonderful serendipitous discoveries like this! Some day I am going to have to see these guys live! Plus we will have to go visit Pula…

9 thoughts on “2Cellos

  1. Servetus

    Remote Richard Armitage connection: they did a cover of “Smooth Criminal,” which Armitage listed as the song that he most associated with his teen years in an interview a long time ago. Cellos + Michael Jackson … we were all listening to that several years back, lol.

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