Wind in His Hair

I’ve got to say that I liked that first teaser trailer for Urban and the Shed Crew from a few months back better than the latest Urban trailer.

This new trailer is fast paced, ‘cool’, a bit Hollywood, really. Which is, I guess, what is necessary to sell the film? Anyway, there was one image in the trailer of Richard that made me laugh – this one:


The gorgeous man, the almost slow motion hair blowing in the wind thing and the intense look to go with it …it felt like a Hollywood cliché to me and made me laugh out loud! At that moment I couldn’t really conjure up any images in my mind’s eye in what movies exactly you see these hair blowing, dramatic looks but I know they exist. And then I thought of this…


…from Dances With Wolves. And to boot: the character’s name is Wind in His Hair!


Still, I am very much looking forward to seeing the Urban film. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wind in His Hair

  1. We could probably find a Thorin picture with that motif as well 🙂

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  2. Du bist ein “Dances with wolves” Fan oder gewesen? Interessant! Bin gespannt ob sich “Urban” auch so in die Richtung entwickelt. “Avatar” hat mich von der story auch sehr an DWW erinnert…


    • Ich mochte den Film damals sehr, hatte ihn aber Jahre nicht mehr gesehen. Letztens kam der Film irgendwo vorbei und habe ich ihn mir wieder angeschaut. Der Film war noch frisch in Erinnerung, daher die Assoziierung. 🙂


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