What I have learned in the past 9 days

On the travel front

  • The Czech Republic is beautiful and green and hilly with lots of woods.
  • I literally can not understand a word of Czech… learning to say “thank you” (“děkuji“) properly is quite a task…
  • I remember loving Prague when I last was there 20 years ago and I now remember why: it is truly beautiful! Granted, it is overrun by tourists like me but it’s beautiful.
07-28 IMG_2767 Prague (Medium)
Prague, central square
07-28 IMG_2753 Prague (Medium)
My daughter trying to catch bubbles in Prague
07-28 IMG_2182 Prague (Medium)
Prague – Charles bridge
07-28 IMG_1900 Prague (Medium)
Memorial to 80.000 murdered Prague Jews in WWII (all their names emscribed on the walls)
07-28 IMG_2776 Prague (Medium)
Prague – Old Jewish cemetery
  • Sometimes I wish I was a man, then I wouldn’t have to miss certain sites like this one:
07-28 IMG_2350 Prague (Medium)
Men’s room in a shopping mall in Prague… DH was kind enough to document it, I think he peed in the urinal beneath the lady in red… 😉
  • We have visited many places already. Besides Prague my so far other favorite place is the town of Telč (Teltsh)
  • Yet again confirmed: my kids are so much fun and make me laugh!
Headstone for a dead bug made by my daughter.
Headstone for a dead bug made by my daughter.
My son high-fiving the Virgin Mary
My son high-fiving the Virgin Mary

On the reading front

We have also had some down time. We stuck to our campsite now and again and when the kids go off to play in the pool or with new friends on the trampoline, there is plenty of time to read. With bad internet connection I have been less glued to the laptop and have been able to finish 3 of the 9 books on my summer reading list! I have learned that:

  • GSaWHad I read “Go Set a Watchman” before “To Kill a Mockingbird” I would never have loved Atticus Finch quite as much but I do still love the way he parents. “Go Set a Watchman” is a good book about growing up and letting go of the image of a parent as a superhero, but nothing can beat Harper Lee’s first novel. And I can’t let go of Attitcus as one of my heroes…
  • Parents can screw up their kids so badly! Well, that is no news, of course, but in “Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew” that became so verUGatSCy painfully clear yet again. And the character of Chop in “Urban Grimshaw”: he is so far from perfect, how can he be the one to help Urban? And yet, he does. A little attention, a sense of right and wrong, a little love and some nurturing can help a young life forward and can redeem your own. In the end, even when people are more or less redeemed, humans remain fallible, that is also clear. Can’t wait to see what Richard Armitage has done in the role of Chop when the film comes out!
  • It’s amazing what the chemistry in a brain can do to wreak havok in a life… Susannah Cahalan’s story in “Brain of Fire” BoFwas a very interesting read. And her dad, I love how he and Susannah ‘found’ each other again. He has a tough facade but is gooey on the inside. A role I already look forward to seeing Richard in.

On Richard Armitage

I was able to view the first two Hannibal episodes he is in and… WOW! The show still creeps me out (I started watching and I couldn’t make myself view more than a handful of episodes) but he is amazing. The things he does with his body I have never seen him do before!


The quietness and the hidden emotion and the insecurities and the creepiness.. ah, this man is good! And I really love how he is stretching his acting legs, finding roles that challenge him as I think this one did.


I hate wasps, the ones that sting and are circling around my head  right now as I try to post this blog entry with awful wifi, which means it will take ages to load. Nonetheless, I am loving my vacation. 🙂

24 thoughts on “What I have learned in the past 9 days

  1. Thanks for sharing your vacation! My sister has been to Prague a couple of times and loves it there. I’ve only been to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Virgin Islands. I always wanted to visit across the pond but have never had time and money at the same time. I love the pictures 😀

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    1. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a great family vacation – but what was that bug? Struck me as very colorful for a non-tropical climate. Go Set a Watchman is on my list, and I’m anxious about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Watchman is good, and Atticus has a more… antiquated view on race than Jean Louise but he still means well and he still is a good dad. Jean Louise’s view differing from Atticus is what makes her finally see that Atticus is only human, and really, that aspect of the book I really did like! it lacks the charm of Mockingbird and the detail but it’s still good.


    2. I’ve never been to Bermuda, Mexico or the Virgin Islands… maybe one day!

      Should you ever decide to hop over to Europe, feel free to visit in the Netherlands, I’m sure we could put you up in our house somewhere. 🙂

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  2. sparkhouse1

    Great post, I loved all of it. What a beautiful city and family you have.

    I can’t bring myself to read Go Set a Watchman as I’m really unsure of whether or not she actually wrote it, and if she did, if she truly wanted it published and having parents that are becoming elderly and vulnerable (and one family member potentially taking advantage of that), I just don’t know if I will ever read it.

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  3. Servetus

    Prague: and the food!

    re: Watchman — that’s the impression that I’ve gotten from the reviews — that it’s a book about the death of heroes. If so, I’m going to enjoy it. But I’m in no rush.

    re: Urban — on the “parenting” front, it’s such an un-American book (here where we believe that if you’re not a perfect parent you’re evil) — but I love it for exactly that. Here we are again on the question of who is a hero and Urban suggests the answer is: more people than we might think.

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    1. Yep, food is good and quite cheap compared to the Netherlands as well…:)

      Watchman – yes, I do love that Scout now finally *really* grows up and allows herself to have a different view from her dad. And her dad allows that and even encourages it, which still makes him a hero in that sense after all…

      On Urban: yes!


    1. Hmm… interesting,,, how did my blog lead to that? 🙂 I have little time to read other blogs now but will be sure to catch up on it when I get back home again in a little under 2 weeks…

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing!
    I like all the pictures. Never been to Prague but my companion did (and he loved it).
    This kind of bug is called ” gendarme ” in French even if the real bname is : ” pyrrhocore, Pyrrhocoris apterus “;
    Re: “To go set a watchman”: I ordered a copy at my favourite bookshop here in Nantes and just received it. We’ll have to wait for a French translation (and I ‘m not fond of translations). So the book is on the top of my To Be Read Pile 🙂

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    1. Thanks and yes, you really should go to Prague one day.

      Thanks for the bug explanation! You don’t see these a lot in NL (or maybe not even at all) but in slightly warmer climates I have seen them often.

      Have fun with Watchman!

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  5. Ich fand Prag auch wunderschön und bezaubernd. Im WWII haben mich die vielen, zu vielen Namen sehr entsetzt, beeindruckend in all der Schlichtheit! Manchmal braucht es keine Bilder um das Grauen auszudrücken. Aber auch die Kinderbilder in der Ausstellung haben mich an meine Grenzen gebracht.
    Das Männerklo ist zum brüllen, kann Mann da überhaupt das Pissoir benutzen??? Lol 🙂
    Viel Spaß noch und gute Erholung!!!

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    1. sorry,habe wieder mal schneller gedacht als getippt, ich meinte natürlich in der Ausstellung im jüdischen Memorial, nicht im WW2, der hat auch entsetzt aber ist der Hintergrund für all die Namen….


    2. Danke!

      Ja, die Namen waren beeindruckend. Dieses Denkmal gab es vor 20 Jahren noch nicht, ich fand’ es sehr berürend und ja, auch die Kinderzeichnungen… Um beim Thema zu bleiben: wir möchten auch noch nach Theresienstadt (etwas nördlich von Prag).

      Ja, das Männerklo ist ein normales Klo im Einkaufszentrum, total lustig. Auf dem Weg zum Damenklo gibts Foto’s von Frauen, die in der Reihe stehen und warten. Ich hab’ nicht daran gedacht ein Foto zu nehmen. Falls wir da nochmal kommen werde ich es aber sicher machen. 🙂

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