Rising to the challenge: blog introspection part 3

Part 3 (and final part) of my contribution to Guylty’s blog introspection challenge:


ย 12. How – if at all – has bloggig changed your life?

Blogging in itself hasn’t changed my life… yet? Being online and interacting with people through the internet has. I have always liked reaching out to people I didn’t know who live far away from me. In my teens I had pen-pals where you would exchange actual written letters with people on the other side of the world. I had an Australian pen-pal for a while and an American one but that petered out over time.

Later, just after my son was born (almost 14 years ago now!), I was searching for contact with other mothers and their newborns to exchange tips and advice and happened upon a parenting discussion board. It was my first foray into online life and I used a pseudonym as there were warnings everywhere about being careful to reveal your real identity online (for your own protection). The bust ups you see in fandoms? Nothing new, happened on the discussion boards as well! A word to the wise: never discuss breastfeeding versus bottlefeeding online! A whole group moved on to e-mail discussions for privacy reasons and even there bust-ups happened. Anyway, in the end I became very close to two ladies in the US who I have met in real life a few times as well. Our families even vacationed together for a few days, five years ago in New York City! These two ladies have become two of my very closest friends. To this day we still e-mail each other almost every day…

I have made contacts over the years online and am making new contacts here through my blog. So, I guess interaction with people I would otherwise never meet is what changes my life most – through the internet and now through blogging. I love the internet!

13. What have you learned from blogging?

Er… nothing? Or maybe that every experience can be turned into a story…

14. Your plans for your blogging future?

Keep at it and make millions.

15. Any blogging role-models?

Well, not Richard Armitage… sweet as the man is, the one blog he wrote doesn’t make me love him as a writer as much as an actor.

I really enjoy reading the blogs I follow here on WordPress and they make me want to be more analytical… or thoughtful… or critical… or above all I wouldn’t mind having more of a talent for humorous writing… but I am what I am, I guess, and the way I go about blogging is fine in its own right.

There’s a Dutch columnist (no blog – she writes for newspapers) called Sylvia Witteman that I like (Emma will know her. ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I don’t always like everything she writes (she can be callous sometimes and she used to write food columns too but I’m not big on food columns myself – although I do love food… sorry… this is me going off on a tangent again!) but I more often than not find her columns amusing, filled with daily observations that have recognizable truths in them. She lived in the US for a while and wrote columns about her life there which I loved. She writes in Dutch (I very rarely read Dutch in my spare time!) and still I enjoy it! I wouldn’t mind writing like her on the topics that occupy me, but again, that style is personal to her and not to me.

Whoop dee dooo!

Finished the challenge *patting self on back*!

7 thoughts on “Rising to the challenge: blog introspection part 3

  1. Well, and a pat on the back from me, too. I have really enjoyed reading your answers to the blogging challenge. Thank you for taking part. You can now adorn your blog with the badge ๐Ÿ™‚ https://guylty.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/challenge-button.jpg?w=150&h=144
    Oh, and I wanted to say that my start into my online life was similar to yours in the sense that I started when my son (now 16 *eeeek*) was a baby and I hooked up with a board for German-speaking people abroad. And yes – the bust-ups? *vigorous nodding* Happens everywhere. I always claim that nothing can shock me anymore. And then I find myself embroiled (at least in my own head) in yet another controversy. Arrrrgh.
    So yeah, keep at it – it’s fun reading you!


  2. I like your observation that every experience can be turned into a story. That’s a great insight, and quite inspiring. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I’ve enjoyed reading your answers!


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