Call the Midwife comic relief

I’m addicted to Call the Midwife now – have watched all the episodes so I’ve moved on to internet research and I came across this Comic Relief special from 2013:

I am crying tears of laughter now! The show is so very well spoofed and Miranda Hart is mixing in some of her Miranda sitcom character as well. Love this. 🙂

On to something completely different – I’m loving the rainbow ribbon at the top of my WordPress screen… So happy about same sex marriage being possible in all of the US now!

Rainbow ribbon


6 thoughts on “Call the Midwife comic relief

  1. That really was kinda spiffy.


    • 🙂 And when you know the show and the Miranda sitcom then it really is even more spiffy and spot on. Apparently Miranda Hart wrote this spoof herself. I love her.


  2. Hysterical. Thanks for the late night laugh.


  3. Hilarious! And yes, the rainbow was a nice touch 🙂

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  4. Die Serie kenne ich nicht, muss mich in den Ferien mal schlau machen wenn die “saure Gurken Zeit” kommt…..sieht nämlich sehr gut aus!


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