Keep reaching for the stars!

When I was a teen living in Germany I used to listen to AFN radio (American Forces Network). Don’t know if it even exists anymore. Anyway, I used to listen to the American Top 40 each week with Casey Casem and he always used to end the show with a line I always loved: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!” This morning I’m catching up on my Twitter-feed in the train to work and I see that my favorite actor has actually caught a star!!! Well, a planet, technically… Richard Armitage wins the Saturn award for best supporting actor in The Hobbit: BOTFA!!! Whooppeeee! I always knew he was excellent in that role and this cements that!

In my joy (ah yesssss, and the beard is back too!) I am going to pic spam now what I gleaned off Twitter…

RA flower crown2 RA flower crown

The flower crown is apparently a Fannibal meme.

RA before saturn award RA before saturn award w B Fuller RA accepting saturn award2 RA accepting saturn award

RA with saturn award2 RA with saturn award

Yes, I’m so happy for him!! Congratulations, Richard!!!

12 thoughts on “Keep reaching for the stars!

    1. I have never known what he looks like, though! Will have to look it up.

      And oh yes, the man looks good in a suit and I have to say I love that tie! Not really a green person (although, by coincidence, I’m wearing the one light greenish thing I have in my wardrobe now) but this tie I really like!

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  1. Servetus

    Apparently the flower crown thing started as a Directioner meme, or so I read somewhere last night. Casey Kasem, lol.


    1. I don’t even know what Directioner is, but that’s OK, don’t really need to know. In any case, the man is carrying off the flower crown quite nicely.:)


  2. Totally related to your AFN reference. I grew up in an area in Northern Germany that was in an ex-British sector, so where I was it was BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) instead of AFN. Great for practicing English, growing up in a pre-internet world. And hey, that was the mid- to late 80s, not even *that* far back in the stone ages…

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    1. Ha! Nice! And for me it was the early to mid 80s. 🙂

      I had been to an international school until 4th grade, then in Germany went to German school. I am not a military person but I do have the American military to thank for keeping up my English in the 6 years I lived in Germany! We were friends with some Americans and were allowed to (illegally) use the library there on the Army base (my parents’ friend gave us his spare library card). I read voraciously and only English language books… and I listened to AFN. After a few years we got found out by the library, as the library was only for people in the service. Oops. Not that Mr Scott minded, I think he went back to the States soon after and I moved to the Netherlands and went to an international school again, so my English language education was safeguarded. 🙂

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