Spaced out Richard

So, this is the latest Richard Armitage selfie on Twitter:

RA Saturn

I think it may be one my absolute fave selfies of him ever! The smile, the beard, the lighting, the puzzling composition. Is this posed or photoshopped? I don’t know, it’s just such a fun image to study! Apparently taken for the upcoming Saturn Awards. He’s nominated for best supporting actor but up against J.K. Simmons who was won just about every award for his “Whiplash” role, and Andy Serkis (for “Planet of the Apes”) and Samuel L. Jackson! So, I’m not really expecting a win. But who knows! Awards will be held next week. Fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Spaced out Richard

  1. No, not photoshopped. Here’s my interpretation of it: The background tells us that he is leaning into the circle of light. The light hoop is strongly illuminating his face, particulary from below. In the low light conditions of a lounge at night this overexposes his face, hence the white, contourless and flat expanses of skin.
    I’m slightly intrigued by the flares on the images, the wispy, white lines. Is this possibly photographed into a mirror? Guess we’ll never know…

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    • Thanks for the analysis, Guylty! On further inspection I too think he actually put that hoop around his neck for this picture. Into a mirror sounds plausible too! I will continue to stare at it further now… 😉

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    • Yes, Guylty. Thanks. I couldn’t figure it out either. I can’t even id the background. It liked like an elevated subway train was back there.


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