Man Up

I have a friend I go to the movies with quite frequently. It had been a while, however, since we’d gone to see one. So, I searched the program of the cinema we usually go to but nothing really spoke to me as I went through the list. I then saw a title called “Man Up”. Had never heard of it before, but decided to click it, read the short synopsis and thought it could be hit or miss. Then I watched the trailer and I really liked what I saw. “Let’s just go see that!” I told my friend and she said alright. And so we did… and boy, did we love it! I just have to quickly share…

Man up poster

It’s a British romcom about a 34 year old woman Nancy (Lake Bell), a bit of a misfit, who is cynical about love. Through a mix-up involving a self-help book she meets Jack (Simon Pegg – “Scotty” in the new Star Trek movies) and, fascinated by him, she decides to go with it and pretends she’s the blind date he thought he was meeting. For the first time in along time, she let’s her guard down to see where it will take her.

The film is warm and funny and honest, it has some great lines and quirky and imperfect characters, one of them (an old schoolmate of Nancy’s played by Rory Kinnear) made the whole cinema cringe and cry out with disgust at some of the things he tries… There’s even a Dwarf in there: Ken Stott (Balin from The Hobbit) plays Nancy’s dad, a lovable and imperfect man.

I just loved this film, will have to see it again sometime! Here, watch the trailer for yourself:



6 thoughts on “Man Up

  1. Sounds cute! (also multigenerational audience friendly?)


  2. Danke für den Tip, läuft bei uns allerdings noch nicht – glaube ich……


  3. I love Simon Pegg comedies. This looks good.


  4. […] June I went to see the delightful romantic comedy “Man Up”. I now have the film myself and watched it again the other night, and yes, it is still just as […]


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