The face of a murderer

Take a good look at this face, it is the face of a mass murderer!

Killer Amitzah

This kitty is our new kitty, we’ve had her since last year August and she’s 1 year old. We have recently re-named her “monster”, “murderer” and “mass murderer”.

Murderer-kitty has now discovered the outside world and has developed a talent and a taste for catching birds! In the past few weeks she has already brought 3 home, clearly not alive anymore. Grown big ones too. She loves prancing around her catches and shows them off gleefully. And she kills baby birds! I bet Francis Dollarhyde, when we finally meet him in “Hannibal”, will be nothing compared to her… Up in the high hedge between our backyard and the neighbors there is a nest of baby birds. Monster-kitty has found a way to climb up in there and apparently dragged two out of the nest and killed them! I didn’t know that that had happened, so when I got home the other day (DH and kids were out) I, in my innocence, let her out into our backyard. A little while later I thought I heard a bell up high in that hedge (we’ve put a little bell on her collar now). So, I searched the hedge and sure enough, there she was hidden in the leaves, ogling the bird’s nest! I didn’t even know she could climb up in there! I had to forcefully chase her out with a broom. Murderer-kitty is now banned from our backyard until the two baby birds that are left have flown… She has also caught a frog here and there. She brought one into the house the other day and when I picked it up with a tissue to throw it in the trash outside, it suddenly jumped away. So yay, that one lived! I had forgotten that frogs tend to play dead…

Our other 10 year old cat never was very efficient in hunting, although in his youth he has caught an occasional frog. He isn’t interested in hunting anymore, he just likes to lie in the sun:

Effoh in the sun

Even my old darling cat, who died at age 17 last year spring, never showed any hunting prowess. She was more of an indoor cat, she’d only go outdoors when we were outdoors with her. She always looked at the world in amazement without any real zeal for hunting (although she did like to catch the in-house mosquitoes in her youth – I was more than fine with that!).


In other words, we are just not used to dealing with a mass-murderer in our house!

So, we now have that little bell fastened to mass-murderer-kitty’s collar in the hopes that that will scare off the birds. Not sure we can do much about the frogs, though. This little kitty is too eager a hunter… I know it’s in a cat’s nature, but she is REALLY eager. I haven’t had a cat like her before and I have no idea about what to do about it…  let nature take its course, I guess? And give her a good talking to every day? Maybe she will finally learn that the term “murderer” isn’t supposed to sound endearing at all!

22 thoughts on “The face of a murderer

  1. When I was young, I had a Siamese that would catch field mice, bring them into the house and turn them loose. She would then IGNORE them until we left. We would come home an hour or so later to find the backbone and tail under the dining room table, of all places.

    I do not believe either one of my current cats are hunters at all. Which is fine with me.


  2. Our cat Rosie wears a bell on her collar, but it doesn’t stop her from leaving several gifts (usually lizards or voles… no birds so far) lined up neatly on the doorstep every night before she comes inside. She’s a show-off. =)


    1. The 1st bird was at our doorstep… the other 2 she dragged in through the cat flap in our front door! Same with the frog. Sigh… Oh well, I hope the bell will at least make it less easy for her to catch birds…


  3. Ich hoffe, das Glöckchen hilft! Bei uns sind die Elstern die Nesträuber….
    Aber sonst hilft wirklich nur Katze drin lassen wenn ihr ein Nest habt. Sind nur ein paar Wochen 🙂


    1. Ja. Sie kann vorne ‘raus, der Garten hinten is ein- und abgeschlossen, da kann sie nicht hin. Aber jedes Mal sitzt sie vor der Tür hinten und miaut (wie schreibt mann das auf Deutsch?) weil sie dahin will. Nein, No, Non, Nee!!!

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      1. Lass sie miauen! Dafür leben ein paar Vögel mehr. Ich glaube das fällt noch nicht unter Tierquälerei 🙂 Sie darf raus wenn die kleinen Vögel fliegen können. Kauf ihr so eine Spielzeugmaus die sich dreht, dann ist sie stundenlang mit jagen beschäftigt.

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        1. Ja, wir haben einige Spielzeuge für Sie (so eine, die sich dreht haben wir aber nicht, ich schau’ gleich heute mittag Mal ob ich was finden kann in der Tierhandlung) und vor allem meine Tochter spielt viel mit ihr. Aber totzdem lockt die Welt draussen. Was total in Ordnung ist, wenn sie die Vögel in Ruhe lässt. 🙂

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  4. Servetus

    When I was a kid we always had barn cats and it was always groundhogs / mice. I’m glad they are gone now, when I am home i like the birds better.


    1. Aren’t groundhogs kinda big? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groundhog before, at least not ‘in the wild’.

      I like birds in my garden and cats that leave them alone… sigh…

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  5. For my birthday, my Mulligan brought me a huge cricket/cicada ( about 4 inches long, ( a variety called rain birds here in Mexico). He hunts what’s available – insects, both in and out, and I appreciate this. He watches the birds outside with interest , but so far, he hasn’t tried for one, that I know of.


    1. Yikes! I’m not so good with insects! I would mind less if kitty hunted those but even then, I don’t need to see them brought to my house, no matter how well she means…


      1. This one happened to be beautiful. I’d never seen anything like it. A beautiful spring green. Last night he brought something in that at first looked terrifying. It turns out he “caught” a baby, unripe avocado, about the size of a plum.

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  6. What beautiful cats! I especially love that ginger one sitting in the sun 🙂
    We solved the problem by keeping them inside. They don’t mind, especially when they are older. But short of that, maybe the bell will work!

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