Mark Strong!

He just won the Best Actor Olivier award:

Of course, I am sad Richard Armitage didn’t win for The Crucible…. I would have so much loved to see him win…

RA & I

But I have got to say, I really really like Mark Strong (see him in the picture with wife Liza Marshall at last year’s Olivier’s):

Mark Strong Liza Marshall Oliviers 2014

A great actor with great charisma, very sexy, and also a voice to die for! I love watching him in action and would have loved to see him in “A View from the Bridge” as well. If it couldn’t be Richard winning I am glad it is him (although I really like James McAvoy too). So, my heartfelt congratulations to Mark Strong!

7 thoughts on “Mark Strong!

  1. I heard so much about this play and Mark Strong even before The Crucible opened that I’m not surprised. Really, I think everyone nominated this year could have won and I’d have been happy.

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  2. Mark Strong has always been my kind of delicious also. Not having seen any of the other performances other than The Crucible, I can’t comment on any. But I know him to be a very nuanced actor, generally under-rated overall (I feel), and definitely worthy.

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  3. […] do get quite a lot of Mark Strong searches, but alas, I haven’t blogged about him that much. I do like him, […]


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