Richard Armitage in Dutch newspaper “NRC Handelsblad”

So, yesterday an article about The Crucible and Richard Armitage appeared in the Dutch newspaper “NRC Handelsblad”. I was able to download the article today. If you read Dutch, you can read it here: Vervaarlijke dwerg speelt oermens in doodsnood – NRC Handelsblad van dinsdag 3 februari 2015

I have been able to translate the article into English, you can read the translation here: NRC Armitage article translation

This evening I am off to see The Crucible again, this time in the cinema. I can hardly wait!

RA Crucible 1


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10 thoughts on “Richard Armitage in Dutch newspaper “NRC Handelsblad”

  1. Reblogged this on Armitage Agonistes and commented:
    Esther has translated into English, the Dutch newspaper article about The Crucible. It was interesting, but confusing, to read that at the tome of the interview, Armitage had not seen the filmed version. This might help explain his deleted tweet about seeing the private screening in NYC. Anyway – thanks, Esther.


    1. Yes, I was confused about that too! Maybe the interview was done a little while back? Then again, didn’t he see it in London some time ago (December, I think) when it was first shown there just after Digital Theatre had put it together? I recall he had gone to a screening… but maybe he never watched it himself. In any case, I like his humor at the end of the interview. 🙂


  2. Thanks for taking the time to translate, Esther. Very interesting, and I like speculating which scripts he’s read for men having a beard… =)

    I bet he didn’t stay for the actual screening of TC at its London premiere… fits with his comment “You captured it” on Twitter yesterday, which suggested to me he’d just seen it for the first time.


  3. suse3

    Haven’t read the article yet but saw The Crucible in the cinema last night. I look forward to ‘hearing’
    how you like it in comparison with the play. I enjoyed both 🙂


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