Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day…

So, this morning (day off so I have time to linger) I was going through my Twitter feed and I see a link to this:

All Souls BBC

Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy will be developed by the BBC! There is an “Armitage for Clairmont” campaign that’s been going on for quite some time (http://www.armitage4clairmont.com/), I wonder if they will be successful? I so wouldn’t mind if they were successful…so curious to hear who the leads will be in this production!!

Then I scroll on and am linked to a Daily Mail article (yeah, I know, not the best paper in the world) of “The Kingsman” premiere with Colin Firth in Berlin that says “Livia Firth snuggles up to dashing husband Colin at Berlin premiere of his new movie Kingsman.” I love love love seeing a husband and wife in love with each other, especially when they have been together for so long (they have been married since 1997).

Colin & Livia 2Colin & Livia

Earlier this week I also saw pictures of Simon Baker (from The Mentalist) with his wife Rebecca Rigg. They have been together for over 20 years as well and are also still very much in love! I love when my favorite actors are so happy in love!

Simon & Rebecca 2Simon & RebeccaSimon & Rebecca 3

Simon & Rebecca 4

And then I see a Tweet of an article on Richard Armitage and The Crucible in a leading Dutch newspaper:

I will be seeing The Crucible again in the cinema this evening with my mother and can hardly wait!

This Wednesday morning has started off very well. And the sun is shining to boot! Oh what a beautiful morning indeed. 🙂

P.S. If no one has done so already, I can do a translation of the Dutch article, not sure how quickly I can have it done, though… I will try today, can’t promise anything.

7 thoughts on “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day…

  1. I couldn’t get into the first book of the All Souls Trilogy… I couldn’t suspend my belief long enough to get over the genetics explanation which just doesn’t work well, biologically speaking. I didn’t even finish it despite many rave reviews. That’s one of my cons in the Hannibal arena as well… I like my science to be realistic! May have to try again with the All Souls Trilogy, if anything comes of this RA connection.


  2. Oops- hit send too soon. Was about to say that I DO like the idea of RA as a vampire! And it really is refreshing to see celebrities that don’t fit the high divorce rate trend.


  3. I tried reading the first book of the series and couldn’t finish it. It had some good stuff but it just became a little silly and too Harlequin romancey for my taste. I wouldn’t mind seeing RA as a sexy vampire though.


  4. I agree with JHolland and Sparkhouse. I couldn’t get through the first book of the Trilogy. Didn’t think it was well-written or complex enough. ( But then, I didn’t like the Outlander series either, although I like the TV version). But, like the rest, if there is some miracle and he plays the role of Matthew Clairmont, I’ll read the darned books.


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