North & South – 10 years!

On social media the 10th anniversary of “North & South” is being celebrated:

And on Twitter search for “#NS10” and you’ll see the tributes streaming in (#NS10 on Twitter)

You want to know what makes North & South so wonderful? What makes it so wonderful is explained so well here: 10 Years Later, ‘North & South’ Remains the Greatest Period-Drama Miniseries of All Time
It’s not only the central love story of John Thornton and Margaret Hale, two opposites attracting and finding common ground, that is so beautiful. It is also the social strife and commentary that makes you think, the development of character and the rich supporting characters: the formidable Hannah Thornton, the silly Fanny Thornton, the principled Reverend Hale, the revolutionary Nicholas Higgins, I could go on… Just like the 1995 “Pride & Prejudice” series which also had many marvelous characters supporting the central story, so this series will remain close to my heart forever!

So, I also celebrated this anniversary and did so by watching highlights again on my laptop (couldn’t pick one highlight, there are so many, so just picked an at random scene):

Basically I celebrate N&S every day by admiring my poster that was signed by Mr. Thornton himself this past summer! (There’s a Pride & Prejudice poster above it – not visible here – that I would love to have signed by Mr. Darcy himself one day.)

I am so thankful for that week in April 2006 when I discovered North & South! I was ill and in bed and decided to put on the DVD I had gotten from my mum some weeks before but had never gotten around to watching. I was only going to watch one episode and then take a nap – I managed two and after the nap two more! And proceeded to watch again the next day… and so an obsession began. I had never read the book so of course I had to do that, and then I went on the internet to find more information and came across message boards and saw what others were saying (and participated a bit when I could). I read and even wrote fan fiction, watched fan videos and started following the career of Richard Armitage… at first relunctantly, because I didn’t have time to spend on this! But you can’t deny where you heart leads you… so here I am, 8 and a half years on, celebrating 10 years of North & South and 8.5 years of Armitage well-wishing…

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