Impossible choices

BBC America is looking for the British Man of 2014 and is holding an online voting battle:

32 British celebrities, five rounds, one winner.
The Anglo Fan Favorites tournaments are back, and in our fourth year, they are bigger than ever. […] We begin with our men’s tournament, in which 32 men vie for the title of British Man of 2014. Over the course of the next five weeks, we’ll pit our contenders against each other in week-long rounds in which you’ll pick the winner in a series of two-person matchups. We’ll whittle down the field until we have one man standing, our champion. 

So, yesterday I open a link from somewhere and I am presented with this impossible choice:

I have loved Colin Firth since Pride & Prejudice aired on the BBC in  the fall of 1995 (guess that shows my age)! And I have loved Richard Armitage since I saw North & South on DVD in the spring of 2006! And while, yes, at the moment I am a little more obsessed with Armitage, Firth is still deeply anchored in my heart!! So, this is truly a difficult choice for me! Luckily you can vote as often as you want to – so I have voted twice: one vote for each man! And no, I won’t vote over and over again, I prefer to do other things with my time. Besides, it wouldn’t influence the outcome anyhow because for every 10 votes I give the one, I give the same amount of votes to the other…
Anyway, it looks like Armitage is winning this one – more of an online following with his Armitage Army, I guess. I just wish BBC America hadn’t put these two up against each other so early on in the competition – they both deserve a last round spot!

Well… no matter who wins, here’s a toast to my two favourite British men!

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