The joy of cats

About 2 months ago we went to the animal shelter and adopted  a new kitty (after my old cat had so sadly died in the spring at the age of 17). It didn’t have to be a kitten but my daughter insisted and so now we have this kitten:

And the kitten’s companion is this 9 year cat we already have (yeah, I know, but diets don’t seem to work for him. I swear he isn’t that size on what we feed him!)

The kitten could fit on an iPad when she first came to us (awww!)….


… and both cats are great companions for the kids…


The older cat and the kitten are now even starting to become friends (when she doesn’t jump him to play with him).

As a child growing up we always had dogs and I so wanted a cat. In my twenties I finally got my cats: two sisters who were foundling kittens born on the edge of Jerusalem near Bethlehem. I brought them home from Israel, we called them our Palestinian refugees.


The cat on the right is the one that died last spring (her sister had died some years before)… What is it about cats that makes them so adorable?


They are tame (but careful about who they trust) and playful and lazy and never completely bend to the will of humans… I love that independence! They are fun to watch and loving and cuddly and yes, little predators when they chase fake mice at the end of a string or roll around with a feather or chase butterflies in the garden. I think it’s the combination of being sassy and smart and soft and that little edge of danger, defying their cuteness. I can’t resist them and am so glad that the instinct I had as a child (that a cat must be an awesome pet to have) has proven to be true. I still love dogs, but cats really are something extra special.

Some time ago Richard Armitage was asked whether he was a dog person or a cat person, his response was:

c7dd7-ra2bmeow ae213-ra2bwoof

Hmmm… a dog person then… I adore the man (and I really do love dogs) but he needs to be taught a thing or two about the miracle of cats…


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