Flash mobs and ‘happy’ video’s…

What makes them so appealing? The ones I like best are the ones with just one song so the dance / the story / a theme can really develop.

The first flash mob I fell in love with is the “Sound of Music” one at the train station in Antwerp in 2009. And the modern remix of the song has ended up on my MP3 player! Fun!

And then there’s the Beethoven symphony one in Germany with an orchestra, the joy it brings to the audience and musicians alike is palpable:

Then there are the more “personal” flashmobs, the ones dedicated to a certain person, like the one Oprah got in Chicago. The whole crowd joined in, connected to each other as one, to surprise Oprah:

And on a more personal, small scale, a heartfelt ‘flashmob’ wedding proposal, complete with ‘dancing jews’, this one made me smile so widely!:

Finally, the last one I want to highlight here is the “happy-meme” – video’s from all over the world. The one you see here is a compilation:

What makes these all so wonderful? I think it is the joy that something as simple as music and dance can bring and the  warmth of togetherness. No matter how different we are and how different our world views may be, what connects us all is humanity, the joy of music, love and the pursuit of happiness. We feel connected through music and dance and stories and films and art. It opens our hearts. It’s why I love the arts so much, it can express what I don’t always know how to express from within myself… it connects me to other people, it makes me happy. In my first few blogs I have spoken of a book and of certain actors and a play and now music… I think the next one may be about a piece of art… 😉


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