Love is the answer

I so very much believe in love and diversity and tolerance and allowing people to live according to their own beliefs and ideologies without encroaching on the beliefs and ideologies of others. There is so much hatred and conflict in the world today and so much prejudice festers… My own focus is on what is going on in the Middle East in Israel/Palestine (as I have lived in Jerusalem) and now this whole awful IS (Islamic State murdering journalists) situation has emerged.

Where is tolerance? Doesn’t religion teach us to love? And even if you have no religion, isn’t the only way to real survival and happiness love? In the awfulness of today’s world I hope that people can start to rise up and break through all the awfulness and hatred and prejudice and actually truly love. I feel like a naive little ideologist saying this but apparently I am not alone with this feeling…. I am not the only naive ideologist…

Two days ago (September 12th) Richard Armitage did a Twitter Q&A ( and of course I loved following it all. However, the answers he gave to two questions especially spoke straightly to my soul:

Question: What aspects of society/culture do you think ‘The Crucible’ best speaks to today?
RA: It speaks of prejudice and persecution and any society who has permitted it’s government…to legislate in favour of such denial of human rights, be it, race, gender, religion, sexual preference and political orientation.


Question: What do you hope the audience will be left contemplating after the performance? 
RA: I hope our audience leave with a sense of purpose, duty and responsibility…That they are at one with their mortality and that they believe in love.

His response made me think of this video that I came across a little while ago of two young poets speaking of the animosity between Jews and Muslims, referencing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and trying to beat prejudice:

And then this morning I was alerted to another video, addressing exactly the exasperation I feel about the world today, but there is a message of hope at the end. Oh, if humanity would only listen!

The message of hope in this video I would like to reiterate here:

“But once we truly love we will meet anger with sympathy, hatred with compassion, cruelty with kindness. Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth […] The path towards a new beginning starts within you”.  

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